MasterClass Course
Assessment, Diagnosis, Differential Diagnosis and Treatment of
Cervicogenic Headache and Dizziness

Evidence - Clinical Reasoning - Practice


Detailed Course Curriculum

Course Curriculum (pdf)

The MasterClass comprises 3 parts:

  1. -Part I: Core Course (3 days)

  2. -Part II: Advanced / Supervised Course (3 days)

  3. -Part III: Clinical Mentored Practice / Supervision (8 + 16 hours).

Part I - Core Course (3 days)

Topics on the course: Assessment, differential diagnosis and treatment of cervicogenic headache and dizziness with an emphasis on clinical reasoning and specialized approaches for physiotherapists.

Part II - Advanced / Supervised Course (3 days)

This course focuses on: Clinical problem solving with supervised practice and repetition of relevant examination- and treatment techniques. It includes additional topics relevant to assessment and treatment of headache and dizziness disorders. This course is for participants who have taken the Core Course (Part I).

Part III - Mentored Clinical Practice / Supervision – (8 + 16 hours)
This comprises the last part of the MasterClass
(minimum 8 individual hours and 16 group hours).